The Science of Happiness

The Retreat – our onsite program is postponed due to COVID situation.

Did you know

The Retreat program brings to you tools, methodologies and frameworks designed around the science of happiness. The Retreat offers a sanctuary for the mind where through practical, self-empowering tools, we will together discover how to quieten the mind, be completely present and alive. Learn the techniques to access and abide in peace and joy, even in the midst of fast-paced contemporary life with its increasing demands. At The Retreat, you will learn this and more.

Unique Benefits of Retreat

In a first of its kind, participants will experience and understand the connections between the human brain, language, consciousness and happiness, thereby making you scientifically happy. Through practical activity with systematic understanding, one will learn how to reduce negative stress effectively, meditate seamlessly, build resilience and introspect.

Who can Attend

People from all walks of life who seek to better themselves – CEOs, homemakers, students, job aspirants, office goers, professional

Retreat is for you if

You want to manage your emotions to your advantage


You want to improve your decision-making skills


You want to discover insights about mind brain consciousness


You want to balance things in life work – life balance

You want to know insights you never knew on mind, brain, consciousness


You want to learn art and science of visualisation


You want to get rid of procrastination


You want to dive deep within yourself

Your unique experience and take away
from the program

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