Personal Development Coaching

Invest in Yourself

Benefits of Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching is about training your thoughts and emotions to cope with the ups
and downs of daily life. Session with Sesh walks you through the thinking and actions of a game-
changer in a way that you can immediately learn and execute. So, don’t postpone the mastery you
can imbibe, the goodness you can stand for and the love that you can deliver.

Life Mastery

Discover & Master Powerful routines

Peak Productivity Practices of Champions

Raise Self-Awareness to better Decision making

Generate Energy Explosion

Master 7 forms of Wealth & the 6 Ultimate Human needs

Simple steps to Work Life balance

Meditation for Elite Performers

Positive Psychology insights from Ancient Texts

Young Adults

How to Focus and get Clarity and Purpose

Confidence and Motivation to achieve goals

Create your Blueprint of High-Performance Life

Achieve greater sense of Accomplishment

Time Mastery and Elimination of ‘To Do” list

Daily Energy techniques of High Performers

Meditation for elite Performers

Positive Psychology insights from Ancient Texts

Who is it For




Your personal mastery session with Sesh is a game changer’s blueprint. It is an exclusive dedicated private coaching program aiming to multiply your productivity, unlock your creativity, optimize your craft as a life player to zoom you into an exceptional lifestyle.  This world class interaction is truly a legendary and life transforming for most.

The Approach


This compulsive program empowers you with ideas, processes and tactics for elite performance and personal mastery that Sesh has developed over several years with celebrated clients during session interaction, deep research and observations. The sessions are a journey of discovery laced with the most powerful information for mastering you mindset, performing at heroic levels and enjoying and celebrating your life you absolutely adore.


Members of this program have reported vast improvements in how to win the war against distraction, so you become “a super producer” of work that makes you legendary in your field. With enhanced focus, effectiveness and overall productivity which is based on cutting-edge scientific research on peak performance as well as emerging information on how the best athletes, world class leaders and creative geniuses achieve all they achieve

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