Business Mentoring

Maximise Performance and Growth: Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Benefits from Business Mentoring

Business mentoring is specially directed towards small and medium enterprises. It is structured to help business owners create a highly effective team that delivers efficient and effective results.

Improve decision making process

Enhance communication within business

Create the capacity to generate new ideas

Focus on operational effectiveness

Optimise human capital

Re-engineer the process

Foster growth mindset

Our Methodology

Approach to business mentoring is through CHI
(Company Health Index) toolkit.

What is CHI?

The Company Health Index (CHI) is an accurate predictor of an organisation’s future performance potential. It measures a company’s status and helps determine its future direction. It provides a simple yet powerful roadmap for leaders and business owners to improve their company’s bottom line.

The CHI solution measures and tracks the organizational elements that drive performance. It measures 9 organizational elements with proven links to performance. An assessment of these provides the launch pad for improvement and sustainable growth.

What makes CHI unique?

It is a robust survey that goes beyond typical engagement of employee survey. CHI methodology prescribes interventions to improve business heath and overall performance. This helps business owners to improve company’s vision and execute them effectively.

The programme will be executed in
four stages

Highlights of Business Mentoring

Crystal clear goal setting

Goalsetting for the vision with stepwise plan & action required to achieve it.


To look at the “big picture”, and be aware of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you may have overlooked


Understand better what is expected and feel accountable for delivering the expected results


Develop a compelling vision & ensure the organisation is heading towards the right direction


Boost transparency in communication within the organisation to strengthen employee performance and aid problem-solving

Better focus

A business mentor will help you stay productive and not just busy.

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