Are you wanting to make a decision, close a gap, vent a feeling, get feedback, hear yourself think? What restlessness and discontent do you see yourself reflecting up on? What activity have you undertaken to assess your progress and growth for tomorrow?

Meet Sesh

A business pundit, a certified leadership and business coach and an expert in Indology and scriptures of ancient Indian knowledge.

Sesh’s business acumen stems from having over 25 years of international and national corporate experience in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Having collaborated with several CEOs, family business owners, high-ranking business leaders and spiritual Masters, coaching was a natural progression for him. His in-born flair for coaching brings a gradual, methodical and precise change with leaders and their organisations.

Sesh believes that clarity in mind, purity in heart and sincerity in action gives inner strength to tackle any life situation that comes your way. He believes that understanding your inner self better gives one the strength to be successful in any situation.

Sesh is trained & certified coach from the international coach federation (ICF), an advanced practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), trained and certified facilitator at Dale Carnegie, trained at National Institute of Sales (NIS) and honours in Vedic sciences. Currently, he is pursuing other international certifications to hone his talents.

Sesh’s Mantra for Success

A voracious reader, researcher and enthusiast of studying the human brain, consciousness and language. Sesh’s brain-based coaching approach, and his vast experience and training simplifies the combination of east and west to provide solutions for growth at all levels.

He has completed 2 decades of comprehensive study of the Vedic Sciences, and has designed brain based coaching techniques that include practical ways of implementing arsenal of tools and techniques for an effective and efficient ways of leadership, business and people performance development programs.

While Sesh knows to be no miracle worker, his performance development programs as a leadership coach, business mentor and a workforce development trainer can help you pave a well-defined path towards attaining your goals and challenge yourself in every capacity to emerge the best.

How Sesh combines East & West in Coaching

A balanced blend of the philosophy of the East and the techniques of the West is the USP of Sesh’s coaching style.

The Eastern philosophy outlines the ABC of life – Awareness for sustainable development, Belongingness that binds the people of a corporation together and Commitment to progress.

The Western system outlines contemporary, career-defining moments based on neuroscience, EQ and positive psychology. Sesh believes that management begins with the mind.

When the mind manages itself better, it can manage everything else. His coaching technique unifies the Eastern and Western philosophies in perfect balance to transform chaos and confusion into clarity, peace and success for individuals and business leaders.

Inside the World of MentorKraft

Sesh is the head of MentorKraft. The organisation addresses the need to empower people’s leadership skills, business growth & individual development. MentorKraft spends time on understanding the unique needs of its clients and then provides cutting-edge experiential learning through varied programmes.

The coaching & training content provided is well researched and carefully crafted backed with international certifications.

Above all, MentorKraft believes in appealing to the emotional side of its clients and inspiring them to strengthen their passion, commitment, individuality and humaneness.